The solar ghetto blaster

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of propaganda every now and then? One of these solar units will cost you only R400 (free delivery Pretoria and Joburg. Anywhere else add R100) and comes with the solar panel, three LED lights and a (usually Nokia) USB phone charger. The lights last around 10 hours when the battery is full. The phone charger can’t manage newer phones, but simpler cells charge fine.

The wiring is also (evidently) pretty simple to manipulate: I’m running 12 lights off 2 units.

The units are marketed for lower-income households, where lighting can be a significant expense (candles, parafin, generators etc.) which is also generally harmful to the environment as well as being downright exploitative.





And if you want to be REALLY cool you can use the box that the unit comes in to make fixtures for attaching the lights to the ceiling 😉

Or tech out your low-tech weekends


Order now and get a free visit from Benjamin the fabulous!!

073 345 1779



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