Style selection 2013

A fashionable selection from 2013


Here, on the eve of the new year, is a small selection of interesting looks for men that were revealed in 2013. I limited myself to just one look per designer.


Damir Doma (Spring 2014)

High-wasted trousers with a patterned, airy and slightly puffed shirt make for a striking and somewhat feminine figure.


Versace (Fall 2013)

For this collection, Versace was refreshingly bold with a sort of pastiche of luxury masculine clothing, culminating in her placing some of the models in what one could describe as lacy ladies’ unmentionables. Real men should have no problem wearing this at the local rugby match.


Etro (Spring 2014)

Etro has the ability to take concise cultural references, such as the Hindustan paisley or, as in this case, the American Southwest frontier, and translate them into completely modern and wearable outfits.


Dries van Noten (Spring 2014)

Floral print for men is certainly nothing new, but instead of the miniscule or abstract foliage of today, DvN takes us back to just over a century ago and gives as big and discernable floral prints with just the right touch of vibrancy.


Tom Ford (Fall 2013)

Tom Ford can epitomise the style of a given era. This blue Barry Manilow revival tuxedo jacket is striking, but instead of booze cruise crooner, this’ll make you look like the captain of the love ship.


Prada (Spring 2014)

The theme of Prada’s collection here is that of an exotic paradise and holiday locale that is simultaneously a war zone. The brooding sunset colours evoke dusk over Saigon as tanks roll through the streets; drinks and AK 47s on the balcony over a coca plantation; a resort in Africa as birds flee burning villages. Nevertheless, your bags are packed and you’ve had a good time.


Umit Benan (Spring 2014)

What this Turkish designer has done using some bemasked models is encapsulate the gentlemanly charm of the Ottoman Empire just before its fall in the First World War. A unique combination of culture and fashion with a touch of politics that is very much to my taste.


Entry by Christiaan Naudé

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