Connie Terre Blanche

One day when I’m big I’ll be rich enough to turn down business, but for now I try only half-heartedly to discourage female commissions, and then eventually give in. This jacket, however, I promised my gran too many years back to even think about neglecting any longer. The blue print Shweshwe fabric is proudly South African, by Three Cats Fabrics.



Don’t let the male manequin fool you, this jacket is fem-chick!!

And of course, who could resist the new pleat shirt after taking one look at how fashinable Christiaan is in this pic:



Pure cotton: R500


Wool weave & Shweshwe: R1500

I gave these to her at her birthday party, 79 and SO fabulous!!




Love you Granny!!

Recently worn on board the Queen Mary while my grandparents enjoyed a cruise


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