Marinda Maree

I feel it’s now finally safe for me to confess that I only took the lecturing post at Tuks because it permitted me to carry out the almost daily propaganda campaign I needed to launch my fashion label. Not a single 2012 student will ever forget the post-processual outfit!

It was through one such student-convert that these camisoles were ordered. And of course there’s no way I’ll let you see how fab they look before ensuring you notice the minor details that are my trademark.


Stitching on the neck band.


It took ages to find these buttons, but they definitely work PERFECTLY with the fabric and print.

Totally love this funky fabric!!



Wavy stitching on the shoulder, 50% to offset the horizontal lines, 50% just because I can!


The guy who invented this flower stitch is my hero!! ❤ Singer.

And here, the fruits of many hours manual labour:

wpid-20140220_160941.jpg20140306_16042920140306_160622Thank you so much Inandi and Marinda, for assisting in the most vital mission of making UP a more fashionable place 😉


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