Professor Amanda Esterhuysen

After having survived me as her student for some six years, they seem to have compensated Mandy by awarding her professor status. I suspect she also bribed them.

In more important news, this jacket perfectly merges the professionalism of Mandy’s new social status with the rugged ready-to-excavate necessities of being a Professor of Archaeology.


Although these seams were visionary, I realised that I’d have to rethink some of them when I began patterning, as the panels might have been a bit too creative to be practical. The main horizontal effect of the original design remains, while two vertical seams make construction possible.


In addition to the moral supremacy I feel from reading the news (and recycling the papers myself) the thing I enjoy most about this method of patterning is that I get to save and re-experience some of my favorite South African moments.


This undersleeve will forever remind me of the lesbian couple dictatorship true love affair that was just never meant to be. Moving on, seeing the garment in this pile of pieces often makes me wish I still worked in an office.


If only the elves would just come at night and sew all these pieces into an awesome garment while I slept.


Lazy schmucks, I had to do these flowers on the inside of the pockets all on my own.

My desires to return to a boring job never last beyond finding a good fabric though, like this wool that I’m so in love with! So suited for an archaeologist and so easy to work.


And finally, after much blood loss through pricked fingers, this jacket of the future is ready to be fitted.


I’m always a bit self conscious of how scraggly the commissions look at this stage. Just have faith, a hundred more hours, and a damn good steaming and this sow’s ear will become a (very rugged and archaeological) silk purse.


Piping on the back panel.

20140311_154247Button flap/thingy/saccaggi awesomeness. (The scissors and pins are hiding chalk marks that I couldn’t erase just yet, lets call it art okay?).

I was completely happy with the button I’d chosen,


Until I visited Waterkloof Fashion Fabrics…and was swamped with this lady’s collection of TOO INCREDIBLE buttons. Fortunately, by unanimous agreement from readers, facebook stalkers, and (less importantly) Mandy herself, the below engraved button was settled on as the winner.


Thank you everyone for your help in getting out of this crisis, which kept me awake with worry.

And finally, I now consider my debt to Mandy (somewhat) repaid:

20140321_130652_1 20140321_130355


Wool and Denim: R2000

Even with her shorts and bare feet, one could not doubt this woman is a leading archaeologist in this professorial jacket!


5 thoughts on “Professor Amanda Esterhuysen

  1. By unanimous agreement #5, with its beautifully engraved detail has replaced the older, far duller decision. Thanks everyone for the support!


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