The versatility of the archaeological jacket

Mandy (who obviously had some spare time on her hands) sent this to me. I consider it press coverage 😉

Featuring the new and versatile Saccaggi jacket…..

First seen on a dig site where the elegance was offset against the coarseness of a hardware trowel.


Then in the lab where the perfect line and cut rattled the old bones.


Lastly, it was fleetingly appreciated as it adroitly moved through Senate House on its way to a meeting.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. youngturk says:

    Must be my favourite adverb: adroitly.


    1. benjaminsaccaggi says:

      I have to give credit to Mandy for that…I had to google it to be sure it wasn’t a swearword!


  2. Ted Midnight says:

    There aren’t many people who can make stratified sampling as sexy as that!


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