Winter 2014: Part II, Details

Now that the conceptual work is done (see more here), it’s of course time for the actual labour of putting this all together. The objective is to end up with a quality product that’s comfortable and fashionable, but also re-sizable, marketable and manufacturable (SHUT UP MINIONS!! Those machines wont run themselves!).

And just when you thought you were done drawing, every pattern piece needs to be individually planned, drawn and labeled … then fitted, probably altered and ultimately sized (save me!!).


But before I finish boring you with the details of sweat shop life, be sure to read the model casting call at the end of the post. YOU want to model this range for me, I can sense it!

Now, to whet your appetite for the incredible level of fashion coming in May, here are a few of my favorite details (what is Saccaggi if not an excuse to spend endless hours painstakingly perfecting a minute detail on the inside of a pocket you’ll probably never even know is there?):

 The Jeans


With original shwe-shwe on inside of the fly;

The Jersey


With shwe-shwe on the collar;

The Top Hat


Still under construction, but the top hat is definitely making a comeback – with shwe-shwe detail to boot!

The Winter Jacket


Under-collar awesomeness;


Button flap detail.

As the focal point for this range, this jacket is not only the most intricate of all the pieces (constructed from 10 different fabrics), but also the most innovative. With the newly-invented Saccaggi front dart-turned seam, the interplay of the wool herringbone throughout the jacket modernizes the English gentleman’s aesthetic as he traipses around the countryside.

But we’re not in England – here it alternates between town and country about five times during the short walk to the shops. So metropolitan elegance is paired with outdoor robustness, and along with its energetic details this jacket becomes suitable for evening, semi-formal and even (at a push) casual daywear.


OFFICIAL LAUNCH: JUNE 2014 – don’t miss it!

but more importantly:


Handsome? Fashionable? In good shape?

Want to save me the expense of going through a talent shark model agency?

Want to make R1000?

Audition now and FAME could be yours!!

Please email by 7 April to arrange for an audition.


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