Stephan Van Wyk

One of the things I miss about working at Tuks, besides the regular salary independent of the amount of work you’ve done, is the people you get to hang out with. Like this handsome face who’d distract me with chess for hours.



Jacket R2000
Top Hat R500

Alas I didn’t have the foresight to get a good picture of the mock I did before getting started for real. You can see it in the background of the image below though. One day I’ll have taken too many drugs and do suits like this for real!


Although I was given express instruction to ‘stay classic and formal’, the other Benjamin sewed the following fabulous details in while I wasn’t looking.



Plus some hand stitching, just to ensure the machines don’t take over

Beware of imitations, ‘saccaggi’ gets hand stitched into the lining of every jacket!

Recently I’ve been overcome by the vast quantity of buttons in the world, and with an acute inability to decide on which to use
wpid-20140320_123927.jpg In this instance I used my jedi mind powers to convince Stephan to choose my favorites:


Crises averted, though these can only be done by hand (grrr).

And finally:

IMG_9872 IMG_9871


He’ll get the top hat when it’s ready, its my way of keeping his sexy face coming back to the studio 😉

Thanks so much Stephan, I really miss hanging with you at Tuks!


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