Winter 2014: Part III, Decisions

So much talent, so little time 😥

While the sweat shop machines buzz away putting this range into production, the final samples are pictured below and have already begun selling (which kept throwing a spanner in my production schedule, but hey, people need to be fashionable). More details on whats happening behind the scenes can be viewed here.

In the lead up to the official launch next month though, I’ve been auditioning models to see if they’re able to pull off the mission of this range: bringing back the top hat. Although I’ll maintain carte blanche on the final decision, I am in the business of giving people what they want, so go ahead and vote for your favourite model in the poll at the end of the post and give one hopeful the chance to wear these fantastic clothes AND get paid (some people have all the luck!!)

Before I let you peruse the possibilities though, do be informed that the range is now on pre-sale at a 15% discount here (Bitcoins accepted)…just saying.

I’ve also loaded this project onto FundFind (check it out here) if you’d like to support the mission.

Nhlanhlanipo02 Nhlanhlanipo05

Nhlanhlanipo, a mechanical engineering student, pulls off the top hat well, and fits nicely into the jacket.

Onnie04 Onnie03

Onnie, a political scientist and long time friend pulls off the hat and jacket in a most sophisticated way.

Mahlogonolo01 (3) Mahlogonolo01

Mahlogonolo, a marketing student and artist, I think brings a good attitude to the designs.

IMG_9885 IMG_9886

Kylle, an accounting student has the most irresistible smile, and pulls off the sophisticated look with charm.

And since there’s nothing like working with professionals, I spent some time with Steele Model Studio, whose service was outstanding from beginning to end.


The agency was co-founded by Adel and Mardo van Heerden, photographer and booker of Steele Model Studio who bring a wealth of business knowledge and experience to the business. The duo ensures that their models are properly marketed and gain opportunities in television commercials, advertising stills, fashion editorials, fashion and hair shows. Some of the models have already reached high profiles in the local modelling industry and some are already in demand for the international market.

Steele Model Studio is known for the quality and professionalism of their models and client projects, and castings always get the highest level of attention.

IMG_0753 Sebastian

Sebastian, a marketing student, does justice to the English gentleman aesthetic.

Jason Jason01

With his friendly smile and good posture, the formal aspect of this range is certainly a win on Jason, a sports management student

Gert Eastes Gert

Gert, a bee farmer, perfectly balances the rugged man with the gentleman, making him ideal for the range.

Andrew Andrew01

Andrew, a graphic design lecturer, sports chiseled features and a uniquely beautiful look, making him ideal for the artistic endeavors of Saccaggi.

Please help me make up my mind, it’s so hard to choose who I should dress up in these designs!

Poll ends 25 April.

I’ve been too swamped to announce the winner properly, will do so as soon as my hands are free for one second from all this bloody sewing 😥



6 thoughts on “Winter 2014: Part III, Decisions

    1. It would be my absolute pleasure Elaine!! Thanks for the support, let me know when you’re here and we can make a plan


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