In 2005, with the money from my first real(ish) job (data capturing…wow not fun) I bought this rather basic machine with the dream of being a fashion designer.

The next 8 years saw one distraction after another. No matter how hard I worked, there was always some excavation more interesting than sewing.

2014 finally saw Jeri buzzing away at full speed as losing my job with 12 days notice finally gave me the chance to do exactly as I pleased for a while. And then, DISASTER:

Due to my inherent laziness, I almost always sew over horizontal pins. This caused (for the hundredth time) a head-on collision between the machine needle and the pin, throwing the timing of the retracting arm out so badly I couldn’t fix it myself.

Fortunately an entire section of our society makes a living off fixing such problems, and after a week in the hands of some anonymous person, Jeri returned to her place of honour as the primary sewer of Saccaggi.


15 stitch functions (40 if you count the set zig zag widths and the twin needles),


including a very reliable (unlike a certain Singer I could mention) 4 step button hole function.

Also: a twin thread attachment, but alas only one bobbin carrier;

Removable bed for easy cuff sewing;


Easily disengaged feeder dog (again, unlike a certain SInger in my life);

Foot pressure regulator (need I say ‘unlike the Singer’?).

And over all best friend!! Good to have you back Jeri, 2 motor replacements and a hundred services on, still my most dependable companion.


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