Andrews Atta-Asamoah

Another client from the Institute of Security Studies, Andy was gifted this bespoke shirt for his birthday.



I twice returned from buying buttons and thread believing that I’d gotten the perfect combo. Yet each time, after some RRR (repose, reflect, reassess) I decided I’d accidentally taken drugs before shopping, and that the colour combination just wasn’t right. I’m now convinced I’ve perfected the combination, and I’M STICKING TO THAT BELIEF!!


How I’m going to finish everything before Japan I just don’t know.

I love seeing the small details coming together:

wpid-20140505_151235.jpg wpid-20140505_151247.jpg



I have a dreadful tendency to forget about photos at the most critical moment. Like in this case, when it simply slipped my mind that I needed a final image of this shirt (which was FANTASTIC!!).


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