(almost Doctor) Law Pinto

Since the day we met many moons ago in First Year Archaeology (were we really that young once?), I’ve been trying to get into this handsome man’s pants.


Had I only known it was as easy as charging him money to replicate his favourite pair of work pants, with a little shweshwe awesomeness just for fun.


My brief was to ‘Shweshwe the shit out of these’, and that my friends, is exactly what I intend to do 😉


And here Law sports his new most fashoinable pants




Of course I could have taken a picture of the inside pocket detail before I handed these over…


but then I’ve had missed the opportunity to touch Law’s bum!

Thank you so much for the support beast face! And for push starting my car after, remember getting the Quantum stuck on that ledge in Nelspruit!! Much love!!




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