Winter 2014: Disrobed

Saccaggi: Drawings, Details, Decisions

Although there is obviously an infinite amount for me still to learn, the construction of clothing is something I’m pretty skilled at, having been goofing around at this since I was 6. Yet how on earth such a skill is incorporated or transformed into a viable business is something I have absolutely no idea of. Although this sometimes weighs me down with self doubt, it is possibly my biggest asset. As I blindly navigate these new waters, I feel unhindered by constraints of ‘normal’ practice and am forced to conceive of strategies based on directly relevant observations.

Emotional divulging aside, Disrobed is as much an experience as it is a product. It is at the same time a showcase and an insight. It is both my exploration of how the production of a collection would work, as well as your ability to see into the walls of the studio.

You can buy the Disrobed garments here

Saccaggi: Disrobed

As the Winter of 2014 truly sets in for the southern hemisphere, the ice blue and grey starkness of everything around us is the perfect  backdrop against which to appreciate these designs.


a1_edited_3_jpg2 (1)







Buy the Disrobed garments here

Bonus pics

Because you can never have too much of a beautiful thing











Review what went on behind the scenes here:

Winter 2014: Decisions

Winter 2014: Details

Winter 2014: Drawings

Photography: Christiaan Naudé

Model: Andrew Brookes from Steele Model Studio


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