(almost Doctor) Jimmy Pieterse

Another fashionable jacket to Shweshwe up the academic world

Jimmy is one of the people whose absence leaves a hole in my heart now that I don’t spend my life in Oom Gert’s the Humanities Building.

Refusing to be out-fashioned by Fraser, Jimmy had his own jacket produced by the hands of Saccaggi.




I really love the Shweshwe elbow patches! Gives it a cool, yet professorial edge. I’m also really glad we were able to convince Jimmy (through peer pressure) to have the Shweshwe piping on just one side of the lapel. One day I shall make over all the world in asymmetry!!!

imageI’m also, if I say so myself, really stoked about these newly invented pockets.

wpid-20140611_154923.jpgThe classic shape of a patch pocket was kept, but cut into the fabric at a cross bias. I’ll confess its rather a mission to get right though, so I probably won’t be making these into a signature feature.

Jimmy was also the first person to get some of my freshly arrived, oh so expensive but oh such good quality horse hair:


And as usual received the hand stitched ‘logo’. I thought of stitching in  ‘sagacci’ as a joke about how UPs army of admin tannies couldn’t among themselves be consistent about how to spell my name. But at the end of the day I’d rather just keep thing firmly rooted in the sane!


Some bonus images of the process underway:













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