American Beauty – fully Avant Garde Laundry Bags

300 Mesh Laundry Bags



Not my most fashionable commission yet…though perhaps not my least fashionable


Lladwyn Alexander contacted me last week to get 300 of these bags done in record time. Its certainly is the most sweatshop-like the studio has ever been.


Why exactly weighing down a ruler with a mug, using the zig zag scissors as an axis and cutting the band OFF the table seemed to Christiaan the most efficient way to do things, I was too afraid to ask.


Fortunately, even amongst all the tedium, with Christiaan around even the most mundane of commissions can be turned into avant garde fashion.




 For the Record



One, I used just over 10 spools of thread for this. Meaning that Jerri, in under 7 days, sewed around 5 Kilometers! Thank you my trusty friend, you’re getting a week off for this.

Two, stretch needles work a bloody dream on mesh! In case you’re ever in the same position.

Three, yes I’d rather be doing this than working for the University of Pretoria. MUCH rather!!


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