Doctor Federica Sulas

Conferencing and Catching up

There’s only one thing an archaeologist can enjoy more than digging in the dirt, and that’s attending conferences to discuss what you’ve found in the dirt, and get raucously drunk with old friends!

wpid-20140717_101421.jpgCotton and ShweShwe Shirt: R800

Federica and I worked together at Tuks, and she also took me to Great Zimbabwe for the first time. It really was such a privilege to work with her, and I know I’ve now been too propagandarized by geomorphology not to return to archaeology at some point to get deeper into the subject.

I’m happy to have made this shirt for her, and can’t wait to plot our take over of the archaeology scene together!! Also please note that this shirt used the first of my stash from Japan: these too-perfect-to-resist buttons bought in Tokyo



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