Tailor on Call

Feeling Confused?


I’ve been designing and sewing for people as long as I can remember, and have been at it seriously since January this year (2014). One thing I’ve learned to expect is that guys (though often women as well) can be quite vague when describing what it is they’re looking for in terms of fashion. Of course that is where I come in, but I often feel like I’m wading through some very dark waters before getting a sense of what someone wants/likes/feels comfortable in.

To address this, I’m introducing the Tailor on Call option. This will, above all, give myself and the customer more time to spend on working through the designs and getting unique fits for each person.


Tailor on Call


For a monthly fee of R700 for three months, we’ll venture into the dark recesses of your fashionable desires together, and slowly work out what aesthetic you’re after. Anyone on this scheme will also have a full set of pattern blocks drawn from their measurements, meaning that all designs will be structured uniquely for your body.

How it works:

We agree to spend the next three months working through a basic set of three garments, at a cost of R700 per month.

What you get:

Two shirts and a pair of pants, one each month over the course of the three months

But that’s not all:

You also get three free alteration jobs (from taking up a hem in your jeans to mending a hole in your favorite jacket) over these three months.


You get to hang out with me once a month as we develop your designs together.


Now that’s a deal!



I’d prefer that you come to the studio for consultations; it saves me time and makes fabric selection a lot easier. I did, however, also spend a good deal of my life in the 8-to-5, so I understand that this isn’t always practical. So, I am completely happy to meet you at your office/home/conveniently out of sight parking lot if it works better for you.

Alas there is no variation on the kinds of clothes or the time frame. If you want something specific with a different time allowance then you can arrange that by popping me an email (benjaminsaccaggi@gmail.com)


Unfortunately the intake for this round of clients is past. If you’d like to be kept up to date for the next round of intakes please submit your email here


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