Carien Struwig

Classic Form

I avoid wedding dresses at all costs because of the stress. Not only of dealing with the bride, but of bloodying expensive fabric with pricked fingers that is impossible to avoid. For my sins though Carien wanted a replica of this dress, which indeed includes a few (well disguised) blood stains 😛


Carien is accompanying her boyfriend to his matric farewell ball (well done dude, not only have you survived ten years of wearing the same clothes everyday, but you’ve managed to get an incredibly beautiful girlfriend), and has had her heart set on this dress for ages.




And for good reason, as it certainly looked an absolute dream on her


I also avoid using an embroidery hoop like the plague because…I have a beard, it’s just uncool. Unfortunately my attempt at creating the bow directly on the dress ended in absolute disaster (2 day’s work down the drain! fml!)


I simply had no choice but to turn up the volume on my favorite soap opera, take out my false teeth and get my granny on:



And fine I’ll confess, the vertical stitching necessitated by the hoop, which at first annoyed the living daylights out of me, turned out to be rather fun in the end. Now to take up baking 😉

My new business plan is to quote cheap, then as the function deadline looms extort exorbitant amounts of cash by threats like this:


I made an easy $100000 0000 00000 00000 000000 off this dress in the end!

All in all I really enjoyed this one a lot more than I expected to, and loved meeting you guys! Thank you so much, I look forward to the next dress of awesomeness!!

Bonus pics

There’s always more than the final product:

wpid-20140906_163312.jpgExperimental stitching on the bone casings

wpid-20140813_173317.jpgFirst time meeting Carien

And the various fittings throughout:




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