Doctor Chrissie Sievers

Vintage Pattern


I spotted this pattern in Vogue’s vintage pattern section a while ago, and really loved it. By chance Chrissie needed a fab ensemble for some upcoming weddings, and just like that a plan comes together. Christine Sievers specialises in a Middle Stone Age site, Sibudu Cave, in KwaZulu-Natal. Her fashion sense is, of course, enormously more sophisticated than the cave-dwelling community she studies (less sedge is involved, in any case).


Also, I just realized that the woman in the picture is grabbing onto a curtain for no apparent reason…

20140926_111133Like so many of my clients, Chrissie was soon overwhelmed by the media attention which caused the uncontrolled expansion of a paparazzi tent city out side her house. We decided to protect her identity from here on in, I mean, it’s all fun to be famous, but you need to get to work at some point!

I did however get a beautiful FEMALE friend of mine, Benjamene, to model this number to ensure I got a good publicity shot


It boggles my mind to think of all the awesome designs that exist for woman, that simply don’t feature in men’s fashion. The paplets on this jacket for example.


As well as the amount of detail in general, though I guess the female form is a bit more complicated.

20140926_111806 20140926_111133 20140926_111549

LOVE how the pink of the shirt sticks out at the back of the jacket

Thanks so much Chrissie, I really loved working with these fabrics and am in LOVE with this vintage jacket!!



 Just before the first fitting


 Awesome stitching details, compliments of Betty



Mother of peal buttons, just because I can.


 TEN!! which is what people will be yelling when they see this ensemble walk around town.

wpid-20140925_215102.jpgCarved wooden buttons, you don’t even want to know how much these things cost.


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