Luc Spiller

Lawyer Up

Back when I was young and thin I made friends with an awesome woman named Tecla. We had archaeology and history together, and she had a knitted bag (that she made herself) that was too interesting not to strike up a conversation. Her mom Tanya, in addition to providing me with vast amounts of free food, later became, and is still today, my violin teacher (I’m getting to the point, I promise). Tanya’s oldest son Luc (see, here we are) recently finished his pupillage and got in touch with me, as he needs a fly suit to bowl over his opponents (not that he needs any help with that, of course).



And that my friends, is EXACTLY what he got!!

Striking that fine line between dressing impressively, and impressing your lack of consideration for the sanity of those around you can be tricky, as some of the street fashion posts on this blog no doubt demonstrate. In Luc’s case the addition of small, similarly toned details  coupled with (ahem) perfectly executed hand stitching ensure this suit turned out both fashion forward and workplace-appropriate.

For only R5000!! WHAT?!?!?!


Bonus Pics

Behind the Seams


Line Drawing


Pattern drawn

Shaping the Chest Piece (I had some help from Christiaan in developing and perfecting the new Saccaggi way of drafting the horse hair)

wpid-20140517_163803.jpg wpid-20140517_151230.jpg


A magical bag of awesome from Benjamin Woolens?


Laying out the pattern (I usually do this first on the floor to make sure everything fits, once you cut there’s no going back. Makes me feel like a gargoyle though…)


Herring bone Pad stitches on the horse hair of the lapel. Not quite as neat as I’d like it to be, but getting there slowly (I only figured out how to do the full chest piece this year, give me a break!!)


Just before the Second Fitting (also a good pic of the details on the lapel and pocket welts)


 Second Fitting, very much the sex (said that insane slave Christiaan)


Attempt one at a new way of turning the lapel…hmmm…


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