S/S’14: Salaryman

Easy Breathing Suit

For those among us either unfortunate enough to work in a suited environment, or to be so addicted to fashion that you loathe wearing more comfortable clothing: the Salaryman suit has got you covered.


 Made from the lightest and softest cotton, the majority of the suit is left unlined to allow as much airflow as possible. So whether you’re introspectively strolling on the beach or taking the walk to your Tokyo office, this suit guarantees that you will look breeze-tastic.


 Which, let’s face it, is a must for being fabulous in the South African summer.


Especially if you’re needing to dress sharp. Which is, obviously, absolutely always.


Though of course there are always alternatives to sweating it out in a suit. Now how did this photo get in here!


 I know I’d have enjoyed my office job A LOT more if it had been like this. Oh well, back to the sweatshop!


Photographed by Christiaan Naudé

Modeled by Dithaba Tau

Assisted by Quintin Ewels

Background image adapted from Tokyo Station (Nihonbashi-entrance), by Nanao Hitomi (http://www.flickr.com/photos/31519908@N07/3257482263)


Bonus Pics











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