Duan de Beer

Wedding Waistcoat of Awesomeness



I hate to bore you with the mundane details of sweatshop life, but this waistcoat was my first attempt at an entirely new sequence of production involving an open center back, a somewhat confusing facing attachment, and the armholes going in first, and I had TOO much fun figuring it out!


It was made all the more complicated by needing to first okay this awesome paisley piping with Duan before stitching it up properly. (here it’s still done by hand, so looks a little untidy)


I simply ignored the original instructions to do covered buttons (it makes me feel too much like a granny) and went in for these awesome ostrich eggshell buttons instead. On a side note; beads of ostrich eggshell are some of the earliest known jewelry, in case you were wondering 😉

And now: BACK TO WORK!!!

More details will be uploaded as I finish them off.


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