Gerard Geyser

Rugged and Sexy Jeans


You know fame is catching up with you too fast when people offer to take off their pants for you in the parking lot…fortunately I managed to defend my honour until we were safely out of the public eye, at which point I lost my inhibitions and things got VERY personal 😉

In other news, these pants were an interesting experiment, as I ripped the pattern from one of Gerard’s favorite jeans, drew a new block from his measurements, and merged the two with what I (in faith) believed would be a good fit according to that goddess of fashion Burda.


Needless to say the fit is amazing!! And attention can now be turned to ensuring the style and details are executed to the same level of perfection. I’m feeling a yellow parrot right across the crotch no?


Putting some study brochures to good use as stencils 😉

Looking good so far,

gerard edit_1and the second pair well on it’s way

gerard edit_2like so many of my clients, the fame quickly got out of control for Gerard, so I’m protecting his identity from hereon in


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