Solomon Mohale

Fantastic Green Suit


Although I consistently nourish the conservative streak in me, I won’t deny I’m ecstatic to have done a suit in such a modern colour! It certainly is a welcome break from the more dark and neutral colours that are the norm.

And of course with a bride this beautiful there’s no settling for normal 😉




2014-12-29 10.30.53

The construction of these suits needs to be beyond excellent, ’cause one never knows just how much partying they need to be able to endure


And of course, what would this blog be without some bonus pics of the process:


This suit received (alas on the inside where no-one can admire its beauty) my most complex (and colourful) chest-piece to date.


I’m finally feeling on-top of this f*cking thing, and am confident of the innovations I’ve introduced. Though it really does kill me that all this awesome gets tucked away never to be seen 😥


When the other Benjamin complains about too little sleep and bleeding fingers, and begs not to have to hand stitch the logo into every suit, I slap him hard! I don’t need any of that kind of attitude round here!


Bow tie on the neck and…


Bow tie in the welt of the pockets. STOP. THE. MADNESS!!!!!!

Coming along nicely (Note to self: invent word that means well-fitting)


The last of the beautiful chest piece before it gets hidden away for ever


And the very last of the basting finally getting pulled out. It really breaks my heart to see all this work disappear into the ether…maar so gaan die lewe


I live to see this kind of smile. You don’t get that kind of thing in the shops people!


Someone’s been practicing templing a bit too much


Congratulations Solly and Zandile! I really enjoyed meeting you guys and LOVED working on this suit.


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