Shayne Melton

Slick and Sharp Suit


Any Mormon will know that the largest portion of your suits are hand-me-downs from all manner of church members, with little (to no) discretion given to similarity of body shape. Honestly the only determining factors in which suits you inherit are how many older brothers you have and who your mom is friends with.

Unfortunately I forgot to get an image of this suit before I altered it, but perhaps that’s a good thing as it really was one of the worst fitting suits I’ve come across. The crotch was nearly at the knees, and you could hide a 6-pack of beers in each side of the jacket, as well as three in each arm.


But of course with the skills of a Jedi there’s almost no potato sack I can’t turn into a sleek get-up of style.

Also, thanks Shayne for giving me your body


Much appreciated 😉


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