Evin Grody

Fashionizing Archaeology


Is just what I was meant to do with my life.

Evin is one of those people who understands the ecosystem of the lab: whoever can tell the funniest story over the longest period of time is king of that day.


I’m so glad I took a circuitous route to fashion through academia, how else would I have met all these crazy people, and now been given the opportunity to update the fashions of the ivory tower?

Evin’s jacket is possibly my best fitting work yet, and I had too much of a blast on this one to even describe!


I mean, how much fun is it to do the stabilizing stitches in white on a dark grey fabric (usually the thread is matched to the fabric) so that if I stitched the slightest fraction of a millimeter skew it would be painfully obvious (and also irreversible once you’d turned the facing, which is the first time you’d be able to check) and humiliatingly ugly. Ah such fun!!

Props also to Francois van Heerden for having enough faith to let me goof around with a new post-man-type hat for him

20150623_174005Had a total blast gang! Thank you!!


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