Farewell Highschool

Life as a Bespoke Suit Tailor in Pretoria is hard, but fabulous at the same time. Welcome to my personal behind-the-seams blog, from Bespoke Suits to Trends in Men’s Fashion and…

Matric Farewell Dresses


Which suddenly filled my mind when the dance season came around again. I won’t even pretend I was in the least bit ready for it! In total I did four dresses and a suit, and loved them all with all my heart.


Lienke Hoffman was the first dress to wow the public, with it’s mesmerizing colour-technicks



Carien Struwig, Simmonne Joubert and Este Hoffman all went to the same dance, practically killing the competition

IMG-20151022-WA0002 IMG-20151019-WA0000


I tell them every time if they don’t send me a fab pic from the dance I’m putting an embarrassing one up on the internet!!



Actually I just put those pictures on the internet for fun anyway!


Sadly only one gentleman, Ruan Erasmus, left school truly ready for the world. For without a Saccaggi suit, one is doomed to failure in life.


How I managed to get everything done on schedule with the crisis that happened in the business at the same time, I will never know…


No one survives matric dance season completely in tact, and I think every year designers are simply driven closer and closer to the brink of insanity. Of course, that is where all the good design happens, that’s fashion for you.

A big props to my ex boss and mentor Thomas Thomson (his website), without who’s training I would have been completely lost!

And as with everything in life, there’s always more happening then meets the eye:


Last minute stitching


Seems to be something missing from this dress?


I don’t even know I wasn’t there!!!


Cups sewn on backwards


My nephew with his impressionable mind wearing a fabulous tie

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