Rogue Wear

SA Fashion week’s Menswear

Was something not to be missed…although, I did of course miss it. Some personal traumas in business and private life occurred to chain me to the studio 24/7. But of course there is always the internet!!!

I don’t have so much time to talk about everything I liked from the past season, as I’m shifting rapidly from matric dance season to summer collections and fashion does not make itself.

Amos Tranque had some beautifully tailored silhouettes


Though also some not-so-well thought out ones also

IVAN-04407 (1)

Tristan (Influenced) I want these pants RIGHT now


Enough of that take a look at Rogue Wear!

IVAN-03076 - Copy

The use of broken symmetry here is incredible, and gives me a headache to even think of the tailoring involved in construction



I’m really blown away by Henni de Kocks’s ability to drape so beautifully and yet so structurally at the same time. With all the soft flowing waves of fabric there is no question that these are gentlemen’s clothes, structured and tailored for the modern man.


Of course there were some issues over which Henni and I could simply not agree


But if I were ever to sell everything I owned for an item of clothing it would be this shirt



I chatted with Henni about designs and amazing tailoring in the post-fashionweek-chaos. You can read the interview here.

Anyone else see something interesting during the season?

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