SA Bachelor & Bachelorette

Congratulations Wayne Stafford and Samantha Eaton


For killing the competition with your dashing good looks and heart melting personalities!

12196293_10208240059902590_6005335542162421381_n FB_IMG_1446958054198

Throughout the year guys and gals from all over the show have been competing to wear the little of SA Bachelor and Bachelorette 2015, and it certainly has been a blast for me to be involved.

12108256_10153833008498755_5735793342127183425_n FB_IMG_1446958126043 FB_IMG_1446994577400

The event raises a SH*T ton of money for various charities, focusing on cancer and children’s charities.

FB_IMG_1446994547519 FB_IMG_1446962675898 FB_IMG_1446962671063 FB_IMG_1446958137443 FB_IMG_144695812604312190118_10153118409687027_2886459396154338324_n FB_IMG_1446958081103 12219338_10208226503683693_3859603034523456407_n 12193734_10153121556507027_8261402304937353531_n

I have no idea how I managed to get these clothes done in time, but somehow all the gents were fabulous!


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