Swimming in a Sea of Fashion


If I took a dangerous amount of cocaine, and employed ten minions, I may just manage to get my concept pants published by the end of 2015.

But at the end of the day I have to face the cold bitter truth that the manufacturing process for such revolutionary garments is beyond my business’ capacity to produce at the moment.


It truly dawned on me midway through this past year (2015) that the only way this business is going to succeed is through the quality of our products. Which can only be achieved by an exceptional amount of skill, which apartheid never taught us so what can you do?


I’ll be advertising for a full time tailor from next year, so pass the word around if you know anyone who’s willing to work their fingers to the bone while fanning me with a palm leaf as I sip cocktails.

Keep your eyes pealed for some glam fashion heading your way from Saccaggi though! The CactusLillie summer collection comes out soon and is FABULOUS!! And Nap lounge wear has some tunics that are to DIE for.




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