& Saccaggi

Fashion World Problems




You cannot imagine the chaos of the studio until you see it for yourself. Machines roar, fingers bleed and lines of white power keep mysteriously appearing and disappearing.


Street wear labels, corporati wear, fabulous dresses…your eyes will bleed from FASHION!!!


My congratulations (and thanks) to the ladies of CactusLillie, E.G, and Nap Lounge wear for making it through this year with me. Although I swore as much as sewed with you guys, I really enjoyed all the clothes I got to make.


I won’t repeat here what Lindi said about all of this though. We very nearly started hitting the bottle hard. Actually, Lindi may have at some points…


2016 will see me focus some energy on streamlining the CMT work for other designers, making &saccaggi the most fashionable hub of the ENTIRE WORLD!!

Unless something extremely fabulous comes up, this’ll likely be my last post of the year; so thank you all for all the glam, and have a great festive season!






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