Bennum Van Jaarsveld

Golden Oldies


As usual, I forgot to take a photo of the garment before I started with the alterations, so you’ll have to take my word that it was pretty boxy and overlarge for a man with such a good physique.


Bennum bought this coat years ago and, as is common with gentlemen of taste, has much sentimental love for it. He thus sought out the most visionary tailor ever of all times to bring some modernity to this beautiful (and in excellent condition for its age) coat.


Besides reshaping the coat with some Benji vision, I also added some elements of glam with my (to date) most favorite fabric bought from a small shop in Miyazaki, Japan.


My eyes hurt every time I see anything symmetrical — what is balance in the greater scheme of things anyway?


Working on this coat was one of those jobs I loved with all my heart, and hated bitterly to part with at the end. Shot for the business Bennum, this really was a beautiful job for me!


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