Hybrid Shoes

Hybrid Fashion

Is certainly no new comer to the world, or humanity really. If you think about it, our entire history is one long story of taking things apart and putting them back together.


And fashion certainly loves to push boundaries. Along with the man-skirt, men’s shoes are an interesting garment that have been undergoing a recent evolution.

Tosoni Sandilized Shoe

Tosoni Sandilized Shoe


The Tosoni hybrid sandal is certainly in the deeper end of the gene pool. Skirting the boundaries between slipper, sneaker and dress shoe, sanity and wearing socks with sandals. It’s good to know someone out there is really brave.

One possibly positive result from the sports-luxe fad, is that we’re certainly rethinking the boundaries between different aspects of our lives, and the garments that need to accommodate our varying needs.

Calvano Casual


Locally there’s a definite fusion between All Stars, sneakers and dress shoes that aims directly to maximize on the new-age hipsters’ eclectic lifestyle. On the one hand it seems we’re loosing an age when people dressed up for events, where they’ll rock up to drinks in what they wore to the beach. But on the other hand we’re spreading the formality formerly reserved for posh occasions to the rest of our lives, eliminating the excuse for looking shabby in public regardless of what you’re doing.

Aldo Oxfords

Personally I’m too conservative to fully embrace all this inter-lifestyle-shoenannegans. But I’ll confess I enjoy the formal/casual line that some round toe derbies (or oxfords, depending who you’re buying from) are sporting right now.


The general shape of these shoes mean they can sex-up some jeans and a t-shirt, or relax a well tailored suit so you don’t look like such a prat at the braai. The soles are hand-made, and Aldo does them in a couple colour combinations which you can buy here



They nicely skirt the new hybrid trend without being a sell-out…or sticking you with some hideous shoes once the fad has passed. I think it would be wise to stick to the classic black and brown, especially when considering incorporating the shoes into your wardrobes and daily attire. Do you REALLY have enough yellow in your wardrobe to make this a wise consumer decision?

If yes…then I guess this won’t be your first poor consumer choice so go right ahead a buy them here


Disclaimer: Yes I earn some commission off certain of the third party referrals.








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