SAFW Men’s Wear

South African Fashion Week

Has got to be the highlight of my year. And it happens twice a year, so really anyone who doesn’t love fashion is just moping for attention. With an entire day dedicated to men’s wear, let’s skip the chit chat and get straight to the important stuff!

Too Beautiful for Words

Henni de Kock’s second season certainly saw him refine his aesthetic, and it seems he’s in no rush to loose Rogue Wear’s signature hood.


Or his talent for the masculine drape, still no idea how he pulls this off.


Floyd Avenue’s collection initially struck me as plain, but two weeks later I still can’t get them out of my mind.


There’s something so well co-ordinated about the tones and flow of the garments. Understated yes, but simple no


Thato Matabane’s collection was certainly easy to look at this season. One can only wonder how African Swiss’ll turn these into retail garments, but who cares about such trivial issues?!


Their styling was certainly spot on. From the slick hair down to the flops. Completely perfect!


Well…That left me Speachless

Retro is certainly cool Ephraim Molingoane, but the 70s? really?


Perhaps retro is no longer a trend because all the good stuff’s already taken, and (from the looks of it) Ephymol’s scraping the barrel a bit.

Martelle Ludik…sho I don’t know…Kudos for vision though. And I’ve used a look from this collection as the header image of this post. I find myself constantly explaining to nubes that the runway is about publicity, not wearability. Morons!


I’m not going to rip too much into Zamaswazi Mathole’s collection, since I obviously have a soft spot for self taught designers. Perhaps I’m old fashioned but I’ve never doubted that less is certainly more.



If you’re standing still you’re moving backwards

Fashion doesn’t care about anyone’s personal issues! If the industry is moving in a certain direction you’d better be at the crest of the wave, or risk spending your twilight years stuck between kitch and obsolete.

Frankly I found Esnoko’s designs standard to the point of boredom, and my eyes pained to see THAT much colour. But these fabulous prints from all over Africa are becoming more popular by the second. SA’s local offering is Shweshwe, which no one can hate.


I saw this lapel at least 10 times during fashion week and wanted to vomit on each occasion. Who’s bright b*tcha*sm*therf*cking idea was this?!?! In other news I’m in love with this check!!


Hats off to Shaldon Kopman for a classy, sleek and forward thinking collection. Certainly my favorite for the season.


Naked Ape’s collection is certainly what trendy (and employed, that’s an important qualifier) gentlemen will be wearing for a while yet.


The elegance, the slick asymmetry, the sharp tailoring. All too beautiful and definitely where formal suits are headed next.



Disagree with my judgments? Apologize for your insolence in the comments!!

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