James Healey

Suit Supply


Makes quite decent suits, and I’ve actually altered about four of them so far. James popped around wanting his off-the-peg suit tailored a bit to give that *GLAM edge.



Which is of course, par for the course here at Saccaggi’s house of super fabulousness! If you want to see more of James’ cute face, just skip to the end of the blog. But if you want to see some mad tailoring skills, check out:

Behind the Seams


Faux tailor’s tacks marking the pants alterations, ‘cuz I’m a rebel like that.


Massacre of the shoulder


Why can’t the shoulder fixer be super glam instead of plain black? AND why use regular fixer when the selvage of good quality lining is more stable and comes in SO many colours?!?


Yes you should remove these tacks!! Read this post right now!!


Ingenious Saccaggi patented catch-stitch method on the hem


And of course I convinced James to fit my revolutionary new t-shirt block, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post.


Shot for the business mate. I enjoyed meeting you and hope you enjoyed your trip to the States.

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