The Eclectic Designer Trunk Show

Pop Up Shops

Are any fashion lovers dream. Not only are the designers usually there to chat to, but you’re guaranteed to find something new and exclusively awesome to turn your friends green with envy.


Nap Loungewear was retailing some fashionable new stock! And I’m determined to turn this purse from Materialistic into a men’s accessory.

As with all things fabulous, most of the designs on sale were for woman (sad face) but none the less I really enjoyed this trunk shows first event at 44 Stanley, and can’t wait to see more.


Some great prints and garments from Iara Couture

Some GREAT clothes from Morphe

Naturally I couldn’t help but get some craft tips from Uche


All in all I’m really excited about this new concept market, and look forward to the next show coming soon.

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