Gimme a break

Christiaan ruins everything!


(These pants have an ingenious back panel that moves so much better when you walk…too bad I’ve yet to attach the waistband)

In two and a half years of business I’ve tried a lot of schemes, most of which have blown up in my face. But that’s part of being gay so one just moves on. In between dealing with gents’ wedding crises, I’ve been seriously stretching my mind to ensure the business continues bringing you the most NOW fashion.


(In a fit of creative genius I cut this suit from R500 p/m wool…which was so long ago I’ve lost both sleeves and the facing)

My most persistent stumbling block in fashion is, and will likely remain, skilled labour. I myself can only sew so much, putting a definite cap on the business’s growth. So far I’ve been through six tailors and three interns, and in each case the time consumed in managing their every minute movement (lest they ‘accidentally’ stitch silk chiffon with a denim needle) pulled me away not only from sewing more complex work, but also other aspects of the business as a whole, especially design.

Of course the right guy / girl for me is out there, the one smart enough to thread the overlocker by himself and capable of sharpening the chalk without being told to. I see him in my dreams, desperately praying to offer his services to my fashion empire.

Then I wake up and realize that I am completely exhausted and unable to go through the trauma of a new employee at least until 2017.

So long, but do keep feeding me money

With my brand new scheme for global domination I’ll unfortunately be neglecting this blog a bit. My tailoring services will continue as usual though, so pop round anytime and I’ll hook you up with whatever you’re wallet’s big enough for. I’ll certainly keep this blog going at a slower pace, as it’s one of my favorite parts of the business.


(These were tester pants for a new pattern. The pattern works perfectly, but this pair will probably never get done)

The Green Tailor


In addition to focusing my time on making killer suits, I’ll be developing an ethical men’s wear retail site (please, stop applauding, no you don’t have to give me everything you own). The skeleton of the site is already up, where I’ll be writing about environmental and ethical strategies in the fashion industry and reviewing clothes from reputable brands.

Yes this is an excuse to buy more clothes, stop shaming me!

I’ll spend some spam out when I’ve got the site properly pimped, till then  thank you  as always for all the support, I’ve had an absolute blast so far and am excited to see what happens next…


Even if I have to employ Christiaan 😥


(this is 99% of the work day when he’s around)

For behind the seams scandal join the email list, and DO (subliminal swirl) check out The Green Tailor.


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