When I look back

I don’t even see the edge


Along with the warn weather and a new vibe in everyone’s groove, September brought to my life it’s own set of challenges. This has been one of my most positive months for new growth, yet at the same time one of the worst I’ve survived thus far.

Most days it feels like I’m hauling ten ton trees up a mountain to build a log cabin in a velt fire, as my plans crumble as fast as I can scheme them.


With my personal life in ruins, one business plan lying in cold ashes, another one fading slowly into the dark annals of broken dreams, and two businesses in the beginning phases of logistical mayhem, it’s infrequent I remember what day it is.

Though through the raging fires engulfing every aspect of my life, I’m constantly amazed at the beauty that emerges sporadically around me. Handsome gentlemen sharing with me stories of their life, inspiring brands using waste to make the most phenomenal fashion, and nursing wear garments so complex they give me headaches.


I think we all walk those fine lines in our lives; between keeping going because you have faith it’ll work, and giving up because you just can’t take it anymore. And I think we all have our own well rehearsed illogical narrative of why we’re choosing our choice.

Personally, my excuse is that it’s far too late now, I may as well just embrace the flames.


The Green Tailor is pretty much ready, with only a few more touch ups here are there planned during October. Go check it out and let me know what you think.

I’ve also written some killer articles on my work for Blooming Gorgeous, the latest one is here.

For behind the seams scandal join the email list, and DO (subliminal swirl) check out the shop.


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