When Tailors Go Bad

I’m a complete snob when it comes to tailoring, and I own it with impunity.


I’ve also been in this business for three and a half years, so I know that corners often have to be cut in order to keep the wheels turning. To be honest…just between us…I’m a master of cutting corners to ensure orders go out on time, while still looking absolutely perfect.

There are so (SO) many ways one can cut down on time by skipping a step here and there without anyone being any the wiser at all.

Unlike…for example


Just not bothering to cut loose threads, which is my pet peeve! I mean…did you not notice these, or did you just decide it was someone else’s problem? Perhaps you thought it was the client’s job to neaten up your work?


I’ve been interviewing for tailors since I started this business in 2014, and I’ve yet to find someone who’s work is good enough to sell without round the clock supervision. A great interview tactic is to give them a basic alteration job; I wanted the above (originally bootleg) trousers to be tapered, and the applicant decided to take them in on only one side…resulting in the fall of the trousers being completely off.


And giving me what can only be described as a fabric vagina…

FOR WHAT REASON?!?!?! I mean…for heaven’s sake!! It’s a job interview as a BESPOKE TAILOR and your one job is to taper a pair of pants and you opt to take one side in 4cm and leave the other untouched…eish


Above is the worst button hole I’ve ever seen!! No wait…


Here this maker (these pants were brought to me by another designer. He had them made by a CMT…obviously a shit one) put the button hole on the wrong side, and just slapped a button over it.

Now let’s be clear about this. The tailor who made this was not stupid, or unaware of the correct placement. I’ll confess straight up that I’ve made this mistake before. But unlike this gentleman, I simply removed the waistband and redid that section of the pants. I didn’t just proudly hand it to the client with a smile and the bill.

My final rant is for this beautiful Paul Smith jacket that I wanted taken in a bit at the back.


It’s basically the simplest alteration you can do on a jacket…but it’s now ruined! And the more people I interview to work for me the worse my wardrobe gets because heaven knows I can’t test them on something belonging to a client.

What gets me is that it’s not a lack of skill or intelligence, but a lack of pride in the job combined with pure laziness. Mistakes happen, hems are uneven, seams come out funny for no apparent reason…


But you don’t just hand it over to the client, or your prospective employer, with a smile and an open hand asking for payment. You fucking unpick that shit, iron it again, rethink your life choices, and redo it properly.

Sho stay strong dapper gents, the robots are coming ๐Ÿ˜‰


Till then I’ll have to trust Antonio to at least iron decently ๐Ÿ˜‰ Check out my review of these 100% Organic Cotton Socks on The Green Tailor

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