I’m still here, barely

So many things are happening right now. Numerous family dramas, personal demons and looming business deadlines



Right now we’re basically drowning in trousers, with the Studio looking more and more like a sweatshop each day



One thing I’ve really neglected is blogging. Taking images, editing text, articulating concepts…it takes time that I just don’t have


And the more successful the business becomes the less time I have for these things


Yet they’re the things that require my specific personality in order for them to work…and the tailoring requires my particular love of perfection in order to be economically viable.


I don’t really know what I’m on about…other than that I felt a deep need to just publish something


Thanks for the support peeps ❤

The Studio is at 625 Levinia Street, Garsfontein, and open every Thursday from 8am to 8pm. You can also subscribe to this blog by hitting the follow button, and join the monthly newsletter here for fashion scandal and awesome designs.


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