It honestly feels like I flew straight into my Studio, landed behind my sewing machines and haven’t looked up since I got back from London. Before I get completely swallowed by seams, here’s a quick run-through of my time with the Queen.


First I have to say that I’m really greatful my career enabled me to take some time off to be with my family. Although I almost died with my crazy niece and nephews, it was so wonderful to be with them and I’ve missed them terribly since being back.


I’m also really greatful that my nephew’s surgery went well, and that this little bundle of cuteness managed the whole affair with fortitude and a broad smile.



Seeing as it was school holidays for the kids, the eldest and I went to get her ears pierced, which was actually more stressful to watch than I remember experiencing when I had mine done.


Once the kids were back at school I took a bit of time during the day to venture around the First World and see what I could see. Here’s an awesome shop display at Camden market.


Where I discovered Londoners are NOT early starters. Just wondering around the market at about 11am had stall keepers (I mean, there isn’t even a door or anything) yell at me ‘WE’RE NOT OPEN YET!!’. In comparison to my business, which get’s phoned open at 7.45 am, I wasn’t really sure how to respond.


Naturally I went to see the mecca of tailoring, and chatted with a bunch of tailors not just here but throughout my trip. A few things really hit home for me. One is that I’m SUPER lucky to have such a huge studio! Another was seeing for myself what I’ve heard spoken about countless times: there are the young apprentices learning the craft, and the reeeealy old guys on the brink of the next world, with no one in the middle, and hardly any of the apprentices sticking around once they’ve learned the basics. It’s a problem we’re going to have to address, and soon, because international made-to-measure companies are sweeping up the demand for a fraction of the price and time.


I also got to spend time with some dearly missed friends! Here’s me and Juliet having just bought the BEST sunnies ever!! She also introduced me to some authentic London food, which I can’t lie I really enjoyed!


This was our park dinner at Clapham Commons, where I saw drunk AF people (women included) stumbling home alone at 2am and not dying…I could hardly believe my eyes!

Apart from family and friends, what I loved most about London was being surrounded by so many beautiful buildings and so much history.





As an aside I saw evidence of vandalism throughout the city. Almost every building that once housed an icon had had it removed, and VERY not according to UNESCO standards.


The party I had with these two dearly missed friends had me loose my voice the next day! Such a random bar in a house, the invention of political foosball, and stealing a beer mug, just like old times!!

Because it rains ALL THE TIME there, the flora is incredible! I’m not much of a plant person tbh, but even I had to marvel at these beautiful roses.

I’m still not ready to actually talk about this shop, so I’ll just leave this pic here and sob some more.


I feel really privileged to have had this experience, I really enjoyed it all and am so happy that my family is doing well there.

And now, back to work!!


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