Professor Uncle II

As if I haven’t punted it enough: my uncle and I are attending a relative’s (my cousin’s husband’s sister…no idea if there’s a name for such a thing) wedding in Japan, and since there’s this awesome tailor living really close by…


I find myself uttering a silent prayer at this stage that I’ve remembered all the pieces and that the pattern was correctly drawn. Once this is cut there’s no going back, and mistakes here will cause frustrating and costly delays further ahead.

Making good use of the Saccaggi panel, setting portions of the suit diagonally takes it from run-of-mill to fashion forward.




Since he’s my uncle I’ve taken some advantages, like continually pushing this suit aside to work on other commissions. It’ll certainly be ready for the wedding though, everybody relax!!


PERFECTION! If I say so myself 😉 Just a few final touches and we’ll be ready to rock Japan! How this suit managed to come out so fashionably after Christiaan had one of his ‘artistic’ episodes is rather beyond me to explain


Insisting on only the very best quality, Martin picked out these awesome mother of pearl buttons


Refusing to be out-fashioned by an old(er) man, this is the jacket I wore to the wedding

So here’s a pic of me and my uncle only slightly delayed (a mere 3 hours) in Joburg

Which caused a 24 hour delay in Doha


A day late we eventually made it to Japan, and had to immediately catch a bus to Narita airport, where we’d long ago missed our flight to Miyazaki.



We found a hotel for the night, and caught a plane at the crack of dawn the next morning, got an airline assistant to help us catch the train to Nobeoka, and somehow managed to explain to the taxi driver where to take us…

Finally arriving at the wedding venue with literally 2 minutes to spare


And were completely blown away by how beautiful everything (especially the bride) was! It was also really great to see the other side of the family again.



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