Rovic Pants by G-Star

or Cargo Pants


If you want to use the generic term. Rovic pants are actually an ingenious invention by G Star, a mainly denim focused brand. It seems they’ve taken it as their personal mission to bring denim (and other heavy duty fabrics) into a more formal setting, while keeping the rugged aesthetic that we all love. You can check them out and buy these pants here.


While keeping the traditional front/back technology of generic pants, G-Star has introduced some innovations to the pattern allowing a more natural fit and movement. This 3-D method of shaping the fabric makes it far more comfortable to walk around in, and is a desperately needed innovation to men’s fashion.


For most men, these will be formal enough to wear to the office, while practical enough to hike in. 100% cotton also makes it durable and easy breathing. I’m not sure I’m entirely in love with the draw-string hem, but it’s a small deterrent to buying them here.

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