Gladys Mashishi II

Life as a Bespoke Suit Tailor in Pretoria is hard, but fabulous at the same time. Welcome to my personal behind-the-seams blog, from Bespoke Suits to Trends in Men’s Fashion and…

My inability to refuse woman


My greatest fear is to fall in love with woman’s fashion, and lay on my death bed regretting all the fabulous suits I didn’t make because I was constantly distracted by dresses. But as much as I protest, there are always a few women who manage to bully me into the dark side.


I’d actually been eyeing this brown floral cotton (used for the bodice) for some time when Gladys brought me this brown and white shweshwe (used for the skirt) and asked me to make her a dress.


Which of course I couldn’t resist, and am so grateful for her patience in how long it took me to get this dress right.

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