Vijay Vichhi

Comfy, fashionable pants

I friendship-jacked this guy from Onnie Kok (for whom I’ve also done some designing) at his and Naomi’s wedding (can you actually believe it was that long ago?).

N&O (35)

Having just moved here from the Congo, the first and most important thing Vijay could do (after finding an apartment) has obviously been to get some awesome clothes from a really famous tailor.


Vijay wants this pair of comfy pants replicated in a range of fabrics, and is definitely going to love the range of awesome African prints available here in Pretoria (if you know where to go).

Indeed the fabric selections were awesome, but alas I was distracted by free food when I dropped these off. I’ll endeavor to get a fashionable picture of the pants next time I hang out with this shmuck


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