Ugh, Yes to the Dress

Fashion, dear readers, is nothing but illusion. On the face of The Green Tailor we’re making the best made to measure suit pants ever


But behind all that awesome, my fingers are bleeding and I’m crying myself to sleep stitching an unending wave of couture alterations.


I worked for Thomas Thomson a few years back, who SCHOOLED me in couture. Since then my reputation for quality construction has never let me rest, and I’m very proud of the workmanship of our service.


Although it’s seriously not my thing, I can appreciate the beauty of couture. Certain details or techniques simply don’t come in on a regular basis for a bespoke tailor. And I can’t say I don’t enjoy the challenge of saving a wedding dress the day before a woman says ‘I do’.


But don’t get any ideas friends, although I know I could make good money from couture, my heart just isn’t in it. At the end of the day I’m as conservative as my clients. I just want good, plain, neutral coloured suits so that I wear my uniform every day and be done with it.


And so as always I must get back to KLAPPING these dresses!


The Studio is at 625 Levinia Street, Garsfontein, and open every Thursday from 8am to 8pm. You can also subscribe to this blog by hitting the follow button, and join the monthly newsletter here for fashion scandal and awesome designs.


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