African Print Folded Tie

WTF is a Folded Tie?

It’s an ancient tradition predating the mass production industry 😉


To be frank I didn’t know anything about this myself until recently. I felt a sudden urge to become one with ties, which lead down some dark roads on the internet…

Anyway the purchase form is here in case you’re looking for it later

Folded Tie Purchase Form

After much suffering to perfect a deceptively simple pattern I finally managed to get my head around the beauty of folded ties, and made a couple FABULOUS ones myself.

Regular Ties are Lame


Ties today are made of a narrow band of fabric wrapped around a soft inlay. This reduces the amount of fabric needed and makes the tie simpler to produce.  Yay capitalism!

In the stone age the shape of the tie was created by repeatedly folding one large piece of fabric. This takes longer and requires more accuracy than regular ties






Behind the Seams

Once the fabric is cut and linings attached, the remainder of the tie will be completed entirely by hand.

The fabric is then repeatedly folded, pressed and stitched into place, until the desired shape of the tie is achieved



Then once you cough up the cash I’ll ship it over to you. I’m having trouble getting good packaging produced, so it may come in a black bag…but it’ll be FABULOUS none the less.


 Purchase for R300

And…if you want to be REALLY fabulous

Since I’ve long ago given in to my hand stitching addiction, I did a few of with navy blue back-stitch detail, adding my logo.


Purchase for R500



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